Extremely Disappointed

My car was vandalized on Monday night, the 2/12/24. I went online to Safelite to schedules service and the earliest available was Wednesday, 2/21/24 so I called around and Jacob at Safe Tech stated that my glass should arrive no later than Saturday and they would get to it ASAP on Saturday if need be. So I paid a premium over what Safelite quoted me in order to get it fixed sooner. Jacob said a 50% deposit is required in order to order the glass so I pay it. 5 days go by and I had to call on Monday morning to inquire about the status of my glass in order to get an update and Austin was going to look into it and call me back. Hours go by and I have to call back to follow-up when they tell me they expect it to come in by end of day. I call back the following day for an update and they state it should arrive in the afternoon. The glass arrives and they schedule the appointment for Wednesday, 2/21/24. The same date that Safelite scheduled me for that was $150 less. I was scheduled to arrive at Land Rover at 8am and told that it would take a couple of hours and it took 4 hours because he arrived late. The glass was repaired and my vehicle was pulled around and he showed me the window was working properly. I get in and they lock is on for the mirrors which was odd so I had to unlock it and drive off. I get to work and my passive entry is no longer working at my driver door ONLY. I call Safe Tech back and notify Chris that something was done when the panel was removed for the glass repair and they need to look at it again to fix it since the mirror lock was on as well. They schedule another appointment that had me away from work to take a look at it just to claim they don’t know what happened because they don’t touch anything related to the entry for the glass. And I stated that the panel was removed in order to replace the glass so it is very possible that something could have been impacted accidentally or in error they are responsible because the passive entry worked when the glass was broken. And he insisted that I would have to resolve that issue separately which Land Rover claims would require an additional $535 diagnostic fee for an issue that should be covered under the Glass repair warranty and customer service under the premium paid. I have absolute regret for not using Safelite that I used more than once in the past for windshield replacements with no issue. Don’t believe the hard sale that Jacob provides because he won’t be the service tech that will come out for the repair and they won’t ensure that the final product is operating as it did prior to their “repair”.